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TaylorMade Payroll People

How It Works

Making the change from working directly for your company, working on a temporary contract or being employed by your recruitment agency to being employed by TaylorMade couldn’t be more straightforward. And if you need a good reason to make the change, the opportunity to claim for business expenses should say it all.

Here is our simple eight step guide to the transition:

  1. 1. Get in touch

    Simply send us an email with your contact details or phone our friendly and experienced team and we will take you through the process. We can tell you all about how our fully automated system will accurately calculate your take-home pay and then following the usual UK employment checks we can get you signed up with TaylorMade for your first assignment.

  2. 2. Going live

    Once your first assignment goes live you’re immediately entitled to a number of benefits not least are the security and peace of mind of our £15m insurance policy.

  3. 3. Getting started

    With the on-board process complete we will phone you to let you know that everything is in order and to welcome you to TaylorMade. The important paperwork will then quickly follow in the post so you have a record to ensure you understand your responsibilities. The pack will also contain easy to follow instructions to our online portal and explain how you will be paid.

  4. 4. Using the portal

    With your own secure login code our easy-to-use online portal is your single point of reference for everything from uploading timesheets to claiming expenses and downloading payslips.

  5. 5. Logging your hours

    Keeping track of your hours is all-important. Once you have submitted your timesheet to your agency they will transfer the funds directly to TaylorMade. And if your agency requires an invoice you can relax because we will even do that on your behalf.

  6. 6. Claiming expenses

    We have made it simple with our online portal, so subject to you meeting the qualifying criteria, submitting expenses to TaylorMade is hassle free

  7. 7. Pay calculations

    With your timesheets submitted and your expenses now logged we will calculate your basic pay. Employer’s and employee’s National Insurance along with our commission and holidays are all then taken into account by our payroll software. Finally tax is offset against your expenses and we transfer your wages straight into your bank.

  8. 8. Keeping records

    We hope you like the service and enjoy the uplift in your take-home pay. And as long as you remain with TaylorMade all of your payslips and records will be available from the portal so that cuts down on paperwork too.