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TaylorMade Payroll People


What do you need to join TaylorMade?

Like any other employer before we can pay you we will ask for your National Insurance number along with details of your bank or building society account. If these are not available please let us know and we can then consider the alternative arrangements.

We are sticklers for detail so we will ask you to confirm that you are a UK national, which is usually done by checking your passport. For those who are not UK nationals we will need to see either your work visa or another form of eligibility to work in the UK.

Finally we will require your P45 (or P46) from your last employer. This helps us to get your tax code right and avoid overpaying with an emergency tax code.

What is an umbrella company?

Umbrella companies such as TaylorMade can provide you with a contract of employment. It is then the umbrella company that employs you and pays your wages and PAYE rather than your recruitment agency or client.

As an employee of the umbrella company you often receive more take-home pay because you able to offset legitimate business expenses against your taxable income.

What to do with your P45?

We don’t want to place you on an emergency tax code, or you might overpay tax and have to claim it back.

So please post your P45 to and we will do the rest: TaylorMade Unit 2, Star Business Park, Congleton Road, North Rode, Macclesfield. SK11 9JA

What if you don’t have a P45?

Let us know if you don’t have a p45 and we will arrange for you to complete a P46 instead. Just give us a call: 01260 548624

When will you receive you expenses?

As soon as you submit your expenses they will be processed by our payroll system, and in most cases offset against your weekly pay.

It is worth remembering that you won’t actually receive a separate expenses payment. Instead expenses will be offset against your taxable earnings before PAYE is calculated. So if you earned £1000 and submitted expenses for £250 you would only have to pay tax on the balance of £750.00 of income.

Should you keep your receipts?

Always keep your receipts for expenses that have legitimately been incurred when carrying out your work.

We will ask you for receipts such as travel, accommodation and training, but you should also keep your own copies. Ultimately your tax affairs are your own business and if the HMRC decide to investigate you they will ask to see the receipts. Remember you are responsible!

When will you be paid?

We usually make payment each Friday. But your pay cycle, which is usually weekly of monthly will be determined by the arrangements that you make with your agency or client.

Should you take out professional insurance?

We have taken care of insurance for you.

As an employee of TaylorMade you are covered by £10m of employer’s liability and £5m of public liability insurance. The policy covers most normal working circumstances but if you think you might have a special case or a high risk activity then please let us know.

Will your pension or statutory benefits be affected by employment with TaylorMade?

As an employee of ours you will make the required National Insurance contributions as a minimum, so your statutory rights and pension will not be affected.

What do you mean by a freelancer or contractor?

In broad terms a freelancer usually works on a temporary basis for more than one client at the same time. Freelancers are also often known as interims or locums, or temps or temporary workers.

The term contractor, which is often used in the IT and engineering industries, usually refers to somebody who works for a set period of time on a specific project.

What is IR35

The government introduced IR35 legislation to collect more tax from contractors.

The legislation came into force in April 2000.

As an employee of TaylorMade IR35 is not applicable because you are employed by us and we ensure that you pay the correct level of tax and National Insurance.

Why are you opting out of Regulation 5?

Regulation 5 is part of the Agency Worker Regulations (AWR) which came into operation in 2011.

After a qualifying period of 12 weeks Regulation 5 entitles temporary workers to the same pay and employment conditions as their permanent equivalents. If you are employed by an umbrella company and opting out of regulation 5 it is most likely to ensure that after the 12 week qualifying period that you will be able to continue to offset your expenses against taxable earnings so that your take-home pay does not go down.

You will probably be offered Regulation 10 or Swedish Derogation compliant contract of employment. This means you are treated as a permanent employee, not a temporary worker and so AWR does not apply.